RIC has a few different ways to invest in the community:


RIC’s friends and volunteers are an important part of our mission. These are the people who care about what we do, have an interest in the neighborhood and want to stay informed about our events, meetings and projects. It’s a great way to learn how cooperatives work, or to gain an understanding of how the capital and real estate markets work. By volunteering with RIC, you can also earn “sweat equity” towards a membership if you do not have the financial equity to invest.

Preferred Share Investors

Any Wisconsin resident can purchase $100 preferred shares in RIC. Ten shares may be converted into one membership at the request of the investor. In years RIC makes a profit and pays a distribution, Preferred Share Investors earn dividends at 3% APR.


Any Wisconsin resident can become a RIC member. Membership costs $1000. Only one membership is allowed per individual; any additional investment made is considered preferred shares. Members are eligible to vote for and serve on the Board of Directors, and vote toward investment/property decisions when requested by the Board of Directors. Members earn a distribution of year-end net proceeds in years when a profit is earned.

If you are Interested in becoming a member, the information below covers everything potential investors should know about our mission, our goals, our cooperative framework and how to become a member. Once you’ve reviewed it, you can complete the Member Investor Application and send RIC a check for the amount you wish to invest. Contact us for our mailing address or with any questions you have.

Legal Documents